Testimonial – Public Relations (PR) Consultant/Specialist in Asian Arts & Culture, EE

EE is a Chinese national who received a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts Administration at New York University in 2016. Her O-1 was approved in September 2021. She said, 

“I was referred to Jane through a friend who obtained an O-1 through her office. I was lucky to find and work closely with them via phone, text, emails and they were very responsive throughout the whole process. 

I entered the US on a B1 visa. Jane and her associate, Rongrong successfully responded to a RFE which was submitted by another lawyer, then assisted me in filing a new I-539 Application extension to maintain my status.  

Meanwhile, Jane and Rongrong provided me two consultation sessions for my application as an O-1 petiton for Public Relations (PR) Consultant/Specialist in Asian Arts & Culture. The employment offers and all other supporting documents were carefully reviewed and edited by their team. The O–1 petition was filed as a “bridging” case contingent upon the approval of two pending I-539 applications to extend. 

Thankfully, I got approved two B1 extension  cases and O-1 approval notice valid for 3 years and I have already started working now!”