Testimonial – Japanese Textile Artist, Terumi Saito

Terumi Saito is a Japanese Textile artist. She received an MFA in Textiles from Parsons School of Design in New York in May 2020. Her O-1 was submitted on August 25, 2021 and approved on September 13, 2021. Ms. Saito says: 

“Being that this was my first time applying for an O1 visa, I had no real knowledge on where to get started. On top of that, as a textile artist, the field isn’t really understood by most people. I was already running into a lot of obstacles. However, Jane and her associate clerk Rongrong effectively set my path for the approval towards success. The process was seamless, thoughtful and meticulous, but most importantly highly professional. It’s through their much needed assistance that I was able to submit an effective portfolio and other substantial documents within that short period of time until my application was due. 

The visa approval was only two and a half weeks without using premium processing and that is all in part due to the professional help of Jane and Rongrong. I would like to thank the team for always being so accommodating and quick to respond all my numerous questions. Through their immaculate professionalism, I can only but give them my most confident and highest recommendation.”