Reiko Yanagi is a Japanese photographer and videographer. We submitted her 3-year O-1 application in April 2021 and her O-1 was approved six weeks later in May 2021. We used standard processing.  

This is the second three-year O-1 visa we have obtained for Reiko and despite complicated fact patterns, both were approved without an RFE. Reiko writes: 

What a year this has been! 

I’m a photographer and videographer specializing in theater, dance and film. When the Covid-19 Pandemic struck all prospects of my work were cancelled. 

In the meantime, my O-1 visa needed to be renewed. I felt very nervous about renewing my artist visa and then I contacted Atty. Jane Orgel, who proved to be a very capable professional and has a love for art and artists. After reviewing my case she assured me I should be alright and introduced me to her Japanese paralegal, Ms. Miyata. 

Ms. Miyata’s professional guidance and commitment to my application was above and beyond my expectations. It was such a relief to feel supported and encouraged through this process… 

I’m happy to write & express my gratitude to the law firm of Atty. Jane Orgel for their professional service in getting my visa approved.  

For most artists applying for a visa can be a daunting task. But working with a great team you can trust is reassuring. I’m happy to say, my visa was renewed and I’m now able to work in the US. for another three years.  

Thank you very much to the firm of Jane Orgel PC