Fintech Entrepreneur and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Consultant, Zhuangzhuang (Marshall) Chang, received his 3-year O-1A visa in February 2021 without a Request for Evidence. This case was sponsored by an agent since Mr. Chang is essentially self-employed through his own companies.  

Mr. Chang writes,  

“I’m Marshall Chang from China. After completing my BA and MA in Finance at Brandeis University, I started a Fintech company in the quantitative trading field. When my F-1 Visa OPT was about to expire in 2020, a fellow entrepreneur friend recommended me to consult with Jane regarding the O-1A VISA. After a Skype session, I went to New York to meet with Jane and her team. She planned my application in detail and gave me a list of things to prepare. In the following months, we were in close communication as we prepared and progressed with the case. Specifically, her Chinese associate attorney, Rongrong Jing, was a huge asset during these stressful times as she was able to understand the evidence from China, provide translations and background as needed, and place it in context. It was also helpful to be in touch via WeChat.   

We submitted the application for a change of status before my OPT expired using regular processing. I waited patiently, as per Jane’s advice. I was thrilled to get the good news of the approval with no RFE. This was a complex case as I am relatively young to apply for an O-1A visa. Besides, as a non-art applicant applying for an O-1A in business/science, my case required sophisticated terminology and description of technologies as well as business structures. My friend who recommended Jane to me also got her O-1A Visa through Jane’s office. I remember her assuring me that as long as Jane accepts my case after the initial consultation, I’ll have a good chance of getting the approval, because Jane’s approval rate is very high. Now I can confirm this as I become another successful number on her approval chart. I can attest to Jane’s team’s sufficiency in delivering a pertinent application that resulted in my approval without RFE.”