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James K. Lowe 

James (https://jamesklowe.comis an acclaimed Photographer. He received his MFA from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland in 2017. We filed Mr. Lowe’s first O-1 case on January 20, 2022 and it was approved on February 17, 2022.


Chef, Julie Myrtille

In March 2020, French pastry chef, Julie Khim Tewes (“Julie Myrtille”) and her sister and manager, Melanie Khim Tewes, received three-year renewals of their O-1 and O-2 visas in just seven days through Artists & Entrepeneurs Inc. Entrepreneurs Julie and Melanie run their own pastry store in Austin, Texas and create a whole line of pastries….


Chinese Interior Designer, Shu Zhao

Shu Zhao has been an interior designer since 2014.  She received her MFA from Parsons School of Design in 2013. We filed Ms. Zhao’s first O-1 case on February 14, 2022 and it was approved on March 29, 2022.


Taiwanese VFX Compositer and Matte Painter, Chun Yao Chang

Chun Yao Chang ( is an award-winning VFX Compositor and Matte Painter. He received a BA degree in Visual Design from National Kaohsiung Normal University in Taiwan in 2012 and an MFA degree in Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2019. We submitted his agent-based O-1 on 03/17/2022, and it was approved in less than a month on 04/11/2022 with regular non-expedite processing.


Japanese photographer and videographer, Reiko Yanagi

Reiko Yanagi is a Japanese photographer and videographer. We submitted her 3-year O-1 application in April 2021 and her O-1 was approved six weeks later in May 2021. We used standard processing.

This is the second three-year O-1 visa we have obtained for Reiko and despite complicated fact patterns, both were approved without an RFE.


Fintech Entrepreneur and AI Consultant, Zhuangzhuang (Marshall) Chang

Fintech Entrepreneur and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Consultant, Zhuangzhuang (Marshall) Chang, received his 3-year O-1A visa in February 2021 without a Request for Evidence. This case was sponsored by an agent since Mr. Chang is essentially self-employed through his own companies. 


Dancer and yoga instructor, Aya Jane Saotome

Aya Jane Saotome, a dancer and yoga instructor from UK, was approved her 3 year O-1 visa in July 2020. Aya’s case was filed on June 5, 2020 and approved on July 6, 2020 through regular processing.


CinematographerTinNgai Chan

TinNgai (“Tin”) Chan is a L.A.-based Cinematographer from China. We submitted his 3-year agent-based O-1 application on March 31, 2021 and his case was approved on May 12, 2021 with standard processing. 

 Tin’s background in engineering has sharpened his skills as a solution-oriented and communicative filmmaker. Coupling his engineering skills with an obsessive interest in image and sound, Tin earned his MFA in Film Production in 2019 at Loyola Marymount University, where he directed and photographed “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary,” a short film currently circulating among festivals.


Dancer, Amanda Collins

In June 2020, Australian back-up dancer, Amanda Collins, received a second three-year O-1 within 4 weeks of filing her case through our office. Despite the fact that Amanda had almost no press, our office, with 20 years of experience, was able to create a solid case for this exemplary dancer.


Chinese PR  Consultant/Specialist in Asian Arts & Culture, EE

EE is a Chinese national who received a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts Administration at New York University in 2016. Her O-1 was approved in September 2021.


Japanese Textile Artist, Terumi Saito

Terumi Saito is a Japanese Textile artist. She received an MFA in Textiles from Parsons School of Design in New York in May 2020. Her O-1 was submitted on August 25, 2021 and approved on September 13, 2021.

Artists & Entrepreneurs serves as a visa sponsor for those who need an agent-petitioner in the United States for O or P visa purposes. Many O and P visa applicants are self-employed and work as independent contractors. Hence, they do not have full time employers to sponsor them.

Similarly, Artists & Entrepreneurs will advise self-petitioners applying for National Interest Waiver Green Cards in the arts, sciences, business and athletics. For the National Interest Waiver Green Card, no US sponsor or full time employer is necessary.

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Artists & Entrepreneurs has been established to serve as a resource for foreign artists, athletes, entrepreneurs and others who want to live and work in the United States.

The chart below shows some of our Artist & Entrepreneur O-1 Approvals for 2021.

CountryProfessionDate FiledDate Case ApprovedRFE? *Premium Processing                                    
JapanSession and Senior Hairstylist4419344225NoNo
TaiwanJazz Guitarist4420844235NoNo
ChinaArt Director4425044280NoNo
KoreaPainter/visual artist4421144293YesNo
KoreaPhotographer/Art Director4425344288NoNo
JapanFurniture and Interior Designer4429144305NoYes
BrazilJazz Bassist4432444306NoNo
CanadaSound Engineer4429844328NoNo
Japan (Natl, Korea)Photographer/Videographer4429844342NoNo
JapanMultidisciplinary Artist4432944348NoNo
JapanMusic Producer, Composer, Songwriter4426644363NoNo
AustaliaMultidisciplinary Artist4429244386NoNo
AustraliaFitness Content Creator4434244413NoNo
SyriaGraphic Designer4438644421NoNo
KoreaSet Designer4441944433NoNo
FranceFashion Photographer4442644433NoYes
KoreaGraphic Designer4440644440NoNo
SpainArchitectual Designer4442544497NoNo
AustraliaFashion designer4439244497NoNo
IndonesiaFashion designer4447044483NoNo
JapanTextile designer4443344452NoNo
ChinaArts PR specialist4434244455NoNo
JapanLighting designer4436444383NoNo
KoreaMotion graphic designer4435044356NoYes
ChinaAI Consultant4407544252NoNo
IndonesiaGraphic Artist4443544470NoNo
BangladeshArchitectural Designer4446744475NoNo
JapanMake up artist44321100/20/2021NoNo
JapanMultidisciplinary/Floral Artist4428444495NoNo
AustraliaFitness Content Creator4434244488YesYes
ItalyFashion PR4449744510NoNo
MexicoArchitectual Designer4449444517NoNo
KoreaVirtual artist/painter4452244536NoNo

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